After you’ve met with your orthopaedic doctor and decided joint replacement surgery is the best treatment option for you, the next steps may seem daunting. Actually having surgery is very different from just discussing it with your doctor. You might feel a little anxious about having an operation. How will you know what to expect? How much pain will you be in after surgery? How long until you’re completely recovered? These are normal questions and concerns for patients to have.
Everyone is a little nervous before an operation, which is why ASH offers pre-op classes. Our pre-op classes are designed to prepare you for your operation and your recovery, so you don’t have to worry. During the period before your operation, you’ll have plenty of time to get comfortable with the process and learn how to optimize your recovery.
Here are a few things you’ll learn in our classes:
What to Bring. Before the day of your surgery, it’s important to have everything you need ready to go. Along with toiletries and comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, you also need a photo ID, insurance cards, and prescription coverage cards among other things. We’ll provide you with a complete checklist of what you should bring with you prior to your operation. Don’t forget to check out a menu from Angelo’s as well. While you’re staying in our single-bed hospital rooms, you will order your meals from our neighboring restaurant.
How To Prevent Infections. You can help prevent infections prior to surgery with hibiclens showers five days before and the morning of your operation. Hibiclens is a type of specialized soap that is perfect for surgical prep. You can ask your nurse for instructions on how to use it properly while showering. Also, be sure to wash your hands, use mouthwash, and remember to take your antibiotics.
Best Pain Management Practices. At ASH, pain management starts before surgery. You’ll want to make sure your doctor and your nurse understand how much pain you’re in on the Pain Rating Scale so they can accurately prescribe a pain management solution post-surgery. Since we work with a pharmacy that delivers medications, your caregiver can fill your prescriptions without having to make an inconvenient stop on your home from your procedure.
These are only a few pieces of the vital information you’ll learn in a pre-op class at ASH. Usually, patients undergoing joint replacement surgery don’t have the opportunity to attend pre-op classes. Advanced Surgical Hospital believes that these classes can improve a patient’s understanding of the procedure and their recovery process, and offers them for your benefit.
If you want to learn more about our pre-op classes, please contact us! We offer the classes to both a patient and the patient’s caregiver to ensure you receive the care you need to recover.