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Your Compassionate, Patient-Focused Hospital in Washington, PA

It All Starts with a Conversation

Your introduction to Advanced Surgical Hospital begins with a call from one of our Welcome Center nurses, who will discuss with you your medical and surgical history, current medications and the steps needed to get you ready for your procedure. On that first call, we will schedule an individualized session at the Welcome Center for you and your loved ones to meet with your Advanced Surgical care team.

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Meeting With Your Care Team

You will meet with your care nurses, someone from our physical or occupational therapy department, and one of our social workers. You may also meet with a member of our anesthesia team if necessary. Each will provide as much information as possible about the before, during, and after stages of your procedure and recovery, thoroughly addressing your questions and concerns.

Having these supportive conversations with your surgical team in the comfort of the Advanced Surgical Hospital Welcome Center before surgery is specifically designed with you in mind.

We Are Here For You

Don’t worry if you still have questions or concerns after your first visit to the Welcome Center. We are here for you at any time during the process. You can contact the Advanced Surgical Hospital Welcome Center and we will answer any lingering questions and make sure you have everything you need prior to your scheduled surgery.

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Other Details to Keep in Mind

If you are having a procedure that will result in an overnight stay, the Welcome Center will contact you within 24 hours of the surgeon scheduling surgery. We will review your lab tests, X-rays, consent forms, etc. for completeness. We will call you the day before your procedure to confirm the time of your surgery and to help with any last-minute preparations.

Everyone at Advanced Surgical Hospital, from your experienced surgical team to your imaging technicians and therapy staff has the same goal in mind. To make you feel comfortable, informed, and prepared for your recovery journey – and to get you back to the things that are most important in life.

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Positive Outcomes, Lasting Impressions.