Injuries and surgeries can all lead to the need for physical therapy. Without it, you may experience more pain and a slower recovery, and there’s potential to never fully recover if scar tissue develops. If you’ve been advised to see a physical therapist, it’s important to follow through and schedule those appointments. Here are a few ways physical therapy can improve your recovery process.

Before Surgery
It’s impossible to plan ahead for an injury. However, if you know you have surgery coming up, scheduling a few appointments at an outpatient physical therapy clinic can be extremely helpful. These targeted exercises can strengthen your problem area’s joints, muscles, and tissues, so there’s less work for the surgeon to do. With a simpler surgery, you’ll also have a faster recovery time with less pain. In some cases, physical therapy can eliminate the need for surgery altogether, which is typically the preferred option.

After Surgery or Injury
After an injury or surgery, you may be advised to visit an outpatient physical therapy clinic for healing. A physical therapist will develop a unique treatment plan that includes various exercises aimed at your target area, and you’ll likely have a few stretches to do at home. The in-office exercises will be the hard work to rehabilitate the area, and the at-home stretches will act as the “cool down” to avoid overworking your body.

It’s easy to skip the at-home stretches or not complete all of them perfectly since nobody is watching you. However, it’s important to do your absolute best at maintaining this workout regimen so that you can recover properly, quickly, and with as minimal pain as possible. Without these stretches, you may develop scar tissue which weaker than healthy tissue. As a result, you may end up being in physical therapy longer than anticipated, your recovery will take longer, and you may never be 100% recovered.

If you do better with outer accountability, ask someone in your household to remind you of your stretches. You can also ask a friend, coworker, or another family member to send you a text to check up on you. You may also want to plan a small reward for yourself after completing the stretches to motivate you.

Start Your Journey to Healing
For outpatient physical therapy in Washington, PA, please schedule an appointment with us at Advanced Surgical Hospital.  We’ll connect you with a physical therapist that works with your doctor to design a rehabilitation program specifically for your needs.  At our outpatient physical therapy facility, you’ll be guided through a series of exercises to strengthen your joints, muscles, and tissues. In conjunction with exercise, our physical therapists may use manual therapy techniques along with various modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound. Please call 724-884-0710 today to learn more or schedule a consultation appointment.