The day after surgery can be a difficult time, no matter what procedure you had done. Many think that they can bounce right back into their regular routine after receiving surgery, but this isn’t true. Your body is exhausted from anesthesia. It has to recover from the operation and incisions. Movement is limited or painful, and you’re simply not feeling like yourself. Some refer to the day after surgery as a pain management day. So what can you expect the day after surgery? Why does your body need time to heal after a procedure?

  • Anesthesia Recovery. Anesthesia is powerful and comes with quite a few side effects. Anesthesia takes a few hours to wear off, and it will keep you feeling sleepy, so anesthesiologists will make sure you are breathing normally and able to move before sending you home with your trusted driver. Unfortunately, drowsiness isn’t the only side effect of anesthesia. Muscle aches, a sore throat, nausea and constipation can also occur, depending on your body’s reaction. Constipation is one of the more common effects and can last for several days; but the other effects typically wear off within a day or two. Medications can be prescribed for these side effects depending on how severe they become. Be sure to consult your doctor with further concerns about anesthesia recovery and any severe side effects that continue for more than 24 hours.

  • Keep Moving. If your body is exhausted and recovering from surgery, how are you expected to move? Doctors don’t want you to get up and run a 5K the day after surgery, but it is important to move around within reason. Movement helps prevent clots and can help you heal faster. Ask your doctor about movements you can and cannot engage in after surgery, and for guidelines on how to move safely.

  • Other Side Effects. Because your body is healing after surgery, you’re going to have more than a few additional side effects. Some common things to expect, that might normally cause concern could include change in appetite, sleep pattern, feelings of depression, or muscle pain. If symptoms last more than a few days or become more severe, call your doctor as soon as possible.

Everyone’s surgery recovery period is unique. Some patients bounce back faster than others. Others experience multiple symptoms and need additional time to rest. No matter what procedure you are about to undergo, we will make sure you are prepared before, during, and after your surgical procedure. At Advanced Surgical Hospital, our team of surgeons and care providers will help you and your loved ones out with anything you may need during your surgery and can assist you on your road to recovery. Contact us today for more information on our services, procedures, and more.