Having surgery, even a minor operation, can often cause anxiety in patients – which is not surprising when surgery is sometimes referred to as “going under the knife.” Fortunately, your surgeon and other medical professionals at Advanced Surgical Hospital are experts at what they do, so there’s no need for you to worry. Our patient-centered care approach means that we always put you first. And if you’re feeling anxious about your surgery, you will have plenty of opportunity to discuss your feelings with your surgeon and hospital staff.

In order to alleviate your anxiety, you can learn more about your operation and understand your role along every step of the way. Asking the right questions will help you prepare for surgery and recovery. Here are a few questions you can ask before your surgery:

  1. What is the operation and why is it necessary? Your surgeon will explain how the procedure will help you and describe the steps involved in the operation. You can inquire about different methods and ask for examples to improve your understanding of the operation.
  2. Are there alternatives to surgery? Sometimes there are other treatment options such as lifestyle changes that don’t require surgery. You can ask your doctor and your surgeon if they think the problem can be treated with alternative methods.
  3. What are the benefits of the surgery? Ask your doctor about the benefits of having the surgery. What improvements will you see and how long will they last? It’s important to understand just what will change for you after surgery so that you know what to expect after the operation.
  4. Are there risks and complications? As with all operations, there may be some risks associated with your surgery. Discuss the possibility of complications with your doctor.
  5. What are my anesthesia options? Determine whether your anesthesiologist will use local, regional, or general anesthesia and how this will affect you. At Advanced Surgical Hospital, we’ll give you plenty of time to discuss your options with the anesthesiologist.
  6. Where will the surgery be performed? Make sure you know where your surgery will take place and the costs associated with the location. You can also look into the background of the facility and find useful information such as their history with infections.
  7. What should I expect before surgery? You should expect some pre-op prep. For example, at Advanced Surgical Hospital we have pre-op classes that will walk you through your procedure and prepare for recovery.
  8. What should I expect during recovery? Your recovery may include physical therapy, prescriptions, and avoiding some activities until you’re completely back to normal. Your doctors will show you what to do to make a quick recovery and how to prevent infection.
  9. How much will the operation cost? You can discuss cost with your insurance provider as well as your physician. At Advanced Surgical Hospital, we have social workers available so you can discuss the costs of your surgery and recovery.
  10. What kind of credentials does this hospital have? Learning as much as you can about the hospital quality ratings where your surgery is taking place will ease your mind before surgery. With accomplishments and awards in a variety of different areas, Advanced Surgical Hospital is an example of a local high quality care option.

Make sure you and your caregiver ask the right questions. At Advanced Surgical Hospital, our dedicated staff are available at any time to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable and confident in your care. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming operation!