Starting physical therapy (or PT) can make some patients anxious, while others may be confused about what actually happens during a PT session. Physical therapy is a necessary and helpful solution for many patients’ orthopaedic injuries or conditions, but it can come with a number of questions.

“What do I need to bring with me? What happens at my first appointment? How will physical therapy help me long term?”

We’re here to answer some of these questions and let you know what to expect before the beginning of your PT journey.

  • Before Your First Appointment. After you’ve discussed PT with your orthopaedic surgeon, they will recommend a physical therapist clinic. When you call and make an appointment, the receptionist will detail any information you may need to bring with you, like a script from your doctor about your problem area, your insurance information, and other paperwork you may need to have filled out. You may also be asked to come to your PT appointments wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to assist with your mobility.

  • During Your First Appointment. When it’s time to meet with your physical therapist for the first time, they will use most of the session to discuss why you are in need of PT. They will ask about your medical history, how you injured your problem area, pain intensity, how it’s affecting your daily activities, prescriptions, or any medical procedures related to your health. It’s important to be honest and thorough with your physical therapist so they can formulate the best personalized plan for you and your care needs.

  • After Your First Appointment. After your initial appointment, the therapist will assess how you responded to your first treatment and will make any adjustments to your treatment plan as necessary. Throughout your time in therapy, your therapist will closely monitor your progress and will strive to obtain the best outcome for you as possible. Therapy involves many treatment procedures such as exercise, manual therapy techniques, and physical agents such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat, and ice. All treatment procedures are geared towards improving your daily function.

No matter what your physical therapy questions or concerns are, the team at Advanced Surgical Hospital can help you out. Our physical therapists have worked with numerous patients and assisted them with their needs and health concerns. For more information on ASH and our services, contact us today.