From the stress of being off of your feet for an extended period of time to strict pre-surgery instructions, any surgical procedure, big or small, can seem like a nightmare. Wouldn’t it be great to walk into the hospital worry-free? Advanced Surgical Hospital’s Welcome Center helps patients do just that. Our commitment to our patients doesn’t begin on the day of the procedure — it begins when he or she walks into the Welcome Center doors, well before a procedure.

Visiting a hospital shouldn’t be an unwelcoming experience. Our experts practice a patient-centered care approach—which means getting to know the whole patient and being a part of the entire experience, from procedure preparation to continued recovery.

How does Advanced Surgical Hospital’s Welcome Center help patients prepare smoothly for their upcoming procedures?

  • A Patient-Centered Care Approach. No two surgeries — and no two patients — are alike. Our expert staff begins by getting to know each patient and their unique medical history well before they walk through the door. An initial phone call from our nursing staff helps us get to know each patient’s medical needs with a thorough review of his or her medical history, current medication, and any previous surgeries. During this call, a member of the nursing staff also introduces the patient to the surgical process from start to finish, including accommodations for an overnight stay and day-of instructions.

  • Meet Your Team. Surgery requires the expertise of many expert medical professionals, which is why we insist that patients and their “team” — nursing staff, lab personnel, anesthesiologist, PT, social services, etc. — meet before the procedure. During the initial welcome phone call, we schedule a time for a patient to meet their whole care team. We recognize the importance of involving family in patient care and we welcome family members or a support person to also attend this meeting.

  • Ask Any And All Questions. Many surgical procedures spark a flood of questions, from “How long will it take before I can get ‘back to normal’?” to “Can I eat the night before the procedure?”, which is why patients at Advanced Surgical Hospital have the unique opportunity to ask questions in a one-on-one setting prior to the day of surgery. As patients meet with their team, they’ll be able to ask any questions that are on their mind so that they can undergo surgery worry-free.

We believe your surgery should be stress-free — and our expert staff can guide you through your procedure. For more information about Advanced Surgical Hospital’s Welcome Center and other facilities, contact us today.